The Aquarius Baby

Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

Well, aren’t you the smart ones – giving birth to an Aquarian baby in the Aquarian Age! And isn’t she the cutest, most angelic-looking baby you’ve ever seen, with those alert, smiling eyes, the lopsided grin, and that groovy hair?

The Aquarius Baby

Yes, but the sooner you realize that anything can happen around this little surprise-package of the zodiac, the better. To start with, I’ll bet she didn’t arrive on time.

Her ruling planet is Uranus, planet of the unpredictable, and ruler of lightning, which never strikes twice in the same place. And this baby positively crackles with it.

Most Uranian babies have ESP, which tells them, for instance, exactly when you’re planning to go out and leave them with the boring old baby-sitter. So don’t be surprised if this baby does the very reverse of what you’re hoping.

Aquarians love people and your baby positively needs company. The more stimulating her environment, the better.

Basically good-natured and composed, she’ll drop off to sleep right there, in that crowded room, if her body needs it, and she’ll wake, bright as a button.

Her health is hearty. She’ll love sea and country air, and she’s not too worried about temperature. The nervous system of Aquarius is highly strung and you’ll find that when this baby is off-color, nerves and tension are usually at the bottom of it.

When your baby begins to toddle be careful. Uranus renders her prone to spills and she moves like lightning, so don’t take your eyes off her.

Encourage: Concern for nearest and dearest, reliability.

Discourage: Callousness, evasiveness.

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