The Cancer Baby

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Was your Cancer baby born by the light of the silvery moon? If so it is appropriate, for this baby is a moon-baby, coming under the rule and influence of Earth’s satellite.

The Cancer Baby Astrology & Zodiac Signs For Babies Series

Hard shell, soft interior: that’s how to sum up a person born under Cancer, but in babyhood the shell has not yet grown. As a result your baby is particularly delicate and sensitive needing a great deal of protection and stability.

Your little crab will be a delight to behold. Her eyes will sparkle with fun, her head will roll precariously on her short little neck.

Your baby will love the sea, and you can safely leave her to build little sand castles, without fearing that she will crawl away the minute you take your eyes off her. She’s too timid for this, but remember she is tenacious.

As soon as your Cancer baby begins to walk and talk it’s time to encourage her creative, artistic side. Take her for walks in beautiful places, as beauty is very important to her.

Your baby has a vivid and fertile imagination, so don’t read her stories about giants, monsters and ogres just before bedtime unless you enjoy sleepless nights.

Encourage: Development, self-confidence.

Discourage: Moodiness, refusal to adapt or change.


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