The Gemini Baby

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Astrology & Zodiac Signs For Babies Series - The Gemini Baby

Gemini babies are the extroverts of the zodiac, so it’s not surprising that Gemini rules the lungs. You’ll find they use them frequently. Gemini is an air sign, and plenty of their native element is vital to these babies.

Your baby will hate being cooped up, but don’t confuse this need for space with a need to be alone. She cannot stand solitude and from the start you may find she does better sleeping in your room, or sharing a bedroom with an older brother or sister.

There are probably more multiple births born under the sign of the Twins than at any other time, but even if you have only one Gemini baby don’t be too sure you haven’t got two babies rolled into the one.

To look at, a Gemini baby is delightful. Her face is full of animation from the moment of birth – though at that time it is more likely to be annoyed animation!

But this alter ego of Gemini is something you have to get used to.

Her eyes are her best feature, and these are usually pale and bright with a tendency to either change color or to be flecked.

Gemini babies are rarely big-boned and there is usually something fine about the shape of their fingers and feet. Your baby will be among the first to walk, and talk, to touch and to explore.

Gemini rules the lungs, arms, and nervous system and your baby may be highly-strung. Never startle her or try to tone down her excitability. She will pick up your state of mind in a split-second.

The Gemini love of variety extends to food as well. Your baby is not the shy, retiring variety. She thrives on center stage and will do anything to gain it.

One last trait – curiosity. It killed the cat and could well be dangerous to dear little Gemini if not watched. Don’t turn round even for a minute or she’ll be out dipping the dog’s tail into the paint pot, or using the saucepan-stand to try and climb over the garden gate.

And finally to a word about nursery school. The word, in fact, is sooner. She not only loves company, she needs it. And, frankly, by the time she is three, you may be relieved to have some peace.

Encourage: Self-discipline, tranquillity, goal-directed action.

Discourage: Fickleness, uncontrolled outbursts.

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