The Leo Baby

Leo (July 23 – August 23)

So your little Sun-King, your Queen of Hearts, has arrived. There will never be a brighter ray of sunshine in your life. Leo is the sign of the individualist. The ruling “planet” of Leo, the Sun, is in fact a star. It is the only star in our solar system and all life depends on its lasting warmth.

The Leo Baby Astrology & Zodiac Signs For Babies Series

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The element for Leo is fire. You might say the urge to lead is burned into them. Physically, your little lion is the most robust of the zodiac babies. Most Leo babies have the spreading nostrils of the cat as well as the tawny eyes, and later the mane of hair.

Your baby’s skin may freckle in the sun, so take care, but do not let that discourage you. A Leo baby needs the sun; she hates the cold, it saps her fiery vitality.

Leo babies must shine. They thrive on approval and without it they can lose confidence, never to reach their potential later in life. However, leaders do have to be taught responsibility, and from a very early age Leos need to be shown that privileges carry their own price. The Leo portrait is a bold one, but it can so easily degenerate into a caricature. Think of Napoleon and Mussolini.

More than any other zodiac baby, a Leo is made or marred in the cradle. Watch carefully if your Leo baby shows the slightest sign of curvature of the spine. The two most vulnerable spots with Leo are the heart and spine, and though the heart is usually robust, the spine can give trouble. Illnesses flare up in Leo babies, but they subside quickly.

Encouraging a Leo toddler to share with others is vitally important for her but it may be difficult. If you doubt this, try taking a favorite toy away from your Leo baby. It’s rather like putting your hand in a lion’s cage and stealing a piece of meat.

Temper tantrums are a part of the typical Leo repertoire. They are best discouraged – fast! But remember this baby will always respond more to encouragement than to threats to bring out her better side.

You can’t ignore the sun and you can’t ignore Leos. Play is vitally important to Leo and without it she ceases to exist on her most fundamental level.

Encourage: Tact and deliberation.

Discourage: Laziness, bossiness, conceit, intolerance.

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