The Libra Baby

Libra (September 24 – October 23)

Venus, the ruler of Libra, clearly indicates the charm possessed by those born under this sign. It’s a charm which begins from the first day of their lives.

The Libra Baby

The scales, Libra’s symbol, perfectly identify this sign and its characteristics. Peace and balance are essential to Libra babies. Life for them is a constant striving for equality and poise and they will fight for it if necessary.

That peaceful, serene expression on your new baby’s face will seldom dissolve into anger or frustration, but yours will, frequently!

Librans are the best-looking sign in the zodiac and your baby is probably displaying the signs of such good fortune.

See if your baby has the characteristic Libran dimple, often on the chin, sometimes the knees.

The fabled Libran smile can and will disarm you at times when you’re trying to bring a little discipline to bear. Because of the smile and her general charm, your baby is more in danger of being spoiled than other babies.

From the start, you’ll find a one-to one relationship with this baby works better than the normal parent-child arrangement.

A love of color and beauty, and a horror of destroying anything, will remain with your Libran all her life. Always choose attractive people to look after her when you’re not there; people who are quietly spoken and cheerful. Grandparents are a perfect choice.

Your baby is like the cultivated flowers she loves, needing nurturing.

Encourage: Decisiveness and application.

Discourage: Laziness, vacillation, smugness.


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