The Pisces Baby

Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

If you see a crowd of nurses gathered around your baby’s crib in the hospital nursery, don’t fly into a panic. There’s nothing wrong, they’re just admiring your dream baby. Small and rounded, delicate and dimpled, often with baby blue eyes. Pisces babies are the most photogenic babies in the zodiac.

The Pisces Baby Astrology & Zodiac Signs For Babies Series

Small wonder. They’re ruled by Neptune, planet of illusion, ruler of our dreams, by Jupiter, from which they get their incredible luck.

Pisces is the most complex and difficult sign to comprehend, and because it is the 12th and last sign of the zodiac, people born under Pisces are said to incorporate the sum of the experiences of the other 11 signs.

Her temperament is sensitive to the family atmosphere in which she lives. Her appetite is affected by her emotions, to say nothing of your emotions!

However, there are certain disciplines needed, such as controlling her love of sweet things.

When your baby begins to walk, she’ll need all your encouragement. However, a very different picture may present itself when she begins to swim!

Encourage: Will-power and determination, realism.

Discourage: Falsity, evasiveness, laziness.

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