The Sagittarius Baby

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

Sagittarius is the sign of the laughing baby, the happy, healthy, jovial, most affable baby of the zodiac. Jupiter confers on Sagittarian babies good nature, good health, and generally good fortune too. Their sense of humor develops early in life, along with their sense of adventure, as mothers soon learn.

The eyes are the best Sagittarian giveaway. They’re so bright they will pierce your heart like little arrows and you will seldom see them filled with tears. But you will often see her angry. The Archer has a fiery temper.

From birth you’ll discover that this baby loves company. Left alone too much, your baby will become unsure of herself and insecure. It is far better to let her go to sleep in the kitchen than in the nursery.

Your baby does not take to frills. She will grow up with a sporty outdoors image, but be warned that when she begins to walk, you will have a problem that grows with every step she takes.

Her desire to stray is only matched by her fearlessness and you’ll have to do her fearing for her for years.

There is no zodiac baby with a greater love for animals and indeed a pet could be the constant companion she needs. Divide the time she spends with you with a kindergarten staff as soon as possible. At least you’ll get some time free for her multitude of questions.

Encourage: Tact, self-discipline, perseverance.

Discourage: Know-it-all attitudes, inconsistency, craftiness.

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