The Scorpio Baby

Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

If your Scorpio baby comes into this world with an expression of having seen it all before, don’t be too surprised. That’s typical for this sign, said to rule such weighty concepts as birth, death, rebirth, sex, tax, wills, probate and inheritance.

The Scorpio Baby Astrology & Zodiac Signs For Babies Series

No wonder Scorpio babies are never lightweight material. Your baby’s intense, compact looks will reflect this. She may not be big but there will be something grave and powerful about her appearance.

Probably your first battle will be to see who’s boss. The way to rear a Scorpio baby is to take things slowly, never losing her trust. You need to show her who’s boss, but not by denying her something before she can understand why. Scorpio is a water-sign, and she needs love and closeness to bring out the best in her.

So you have a baby whose piercing eyes can outstare even your most fearsome relative? That’s right. Many’s the time you’ll see someone lean over your Scorpio baby’s pram, and then recoil. But you’ll see that the person who recoils is not really one of your favorite kind of people.

Another characteristic of your baby is the ability to sit quite still at times. The sort of stillness that comes before a thunderstorm – once experienced, never┬ámistaken. So long as she’s happy and secure, she will be quite content to occupy herself, so long as she can see or hear you.

Of course Granny can be your perfect substitute. But your baby may grow up loving her better than you. Your baby is totally loyal to those who look after her.

This baby will rarely be sick, but when she is, it will usually be serious. However, the Scorpio powers of recuperation are phenomenal. Scorpio as a sign rules the sex and excretory organs and the bladder, which need protection from chills. Her chest should be kept warm in winter, since there’s a tendency to throaty colds. Scorpio babies do not like the cold.

When your Scorpio baby begins to take more than just a cursory interest in the wide world outside, it’s time to put harmful objects out of reach. This baby would attempt Mount Everest if it stood in her way.

Choose her kindergarten carefully, with a mind to the sensitive soul she is beneath her armor plating. And never be late to pick her up!

Encourage: Forgiveness, flexibility.

Discourage: Revengefulness, jealousy, tempestuousness.

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