The Taurus Baby

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

The Taurus Baby

Lucky mothers, your Taurus babies are the most placid of all zodiac babies. They eat with the slow and steady contentment of cows grazing, they don’t startle easily, and they usually sleep the night through.

Your baby’s complexion is a dream – her cheeks are a beautiful apple-pink, her eyes are often brown, sometimes dark, restful blue, making you feel as though you’re looking into a bottomless pit.

The one thing your Taurus needs besides food is love, and it has to be your love. She needs the security of this love in her early life in order to feel sure of herself in relationships later.

Taurus is a creature of habit, and thrives on routines. When she does begin to walk, she’ll plant her little feet so firmly on the ground she’ll rarely fall over. When she begins to talk you’ll understand every word.

Be careful not to take her goodness for granted. She will survive periods of solitude but her old enemy, insecurity, might distress her.

These babies love lyrics, nursery rhymes, songs, tunes, anything with a lilt to it. Many of the world’s greatest singers, dancers and musicians are born under this sign.

Encourage: Optimism and flexibility.

Discourage: Stubbornness and self indulgence.

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