The Virgo Baby

Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

Little and pure, cute and demure, your Virgo baby will beguile you from the first day of her life. However, Virgoans are just that bit out of step and your baby may require different routines to other babies.

The Virgo Baby Astrology & Zodiac For Babies

Your Virgo (earth-sign) baby will be a lot calmer than any Gemini (an air-sign) baby but her mind will be just as sharp. The baby will be upset if she eats when she is disturbed. She will worry about trifles and at times make herself ill, so encourage her to think positively about things and to bring her problems out rather than allowing them to fester.

It’s best not to try to feed this baby when she’s upset, and you might also find that a little food often is the best routine. The stomach is their delicate spot and they are probably going to be “fussy” eaters all their lives.

Physically your Virgo baby is more likely to be small and exquisitely formed than large, bouncy and cuddly. The features are usually refined, with the nose small, the lips beautifully shaped, the ears neat but noticeable.

Your baby, because of her sign, will be a little delicate. But don’t confuse delicacy of body with frailty, either of body or mind. Within every Virgoan is a solid-steel core of determination.

You will be surprised at the clarity with which she will form words, and later her sentences.

She seems so independent sitting there, so aloof and cool, that it probably hasn’t occurred to you that what she’s most needing is a cuddle – a bit of affection.

Encourage: Broader outlook, more optimistic approach.

Discourage: Nitpicking, hypercritical traits.

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