How to Dress up Your Toddler for a Princess Themed Party

If you are planning on arranging a fancy dress themed party for your little one this birthday or are invited to one, you surely need creative ideas to win the lady of the evening award!

How to Dress up your Toddler for a Princess themed Party

While in today’s era, Frozen princess Elsa and Spiderman for boys are the ultimate hits, nonetheless, why settle for ready-made costumes which everyone else will also wear? Pour in your creativity and wrap a few ideas up your sleeve from our blog and let your little princess get all the spotlight!

Check out different costume ideas, hairstyle ideas, accessory ideas and everything in between below for your little toddler and take your pick!

The Midnight Bells

What do the midnight bells remind you of? Cinderella of course! If you are arranging a Cinderella themed party for your 3-year-old, go for the colors light blue and silver. While you decorate the house with glittered balloons and nice crepe paper flowers and decorations, your lil princess will look glamorous only in a cute glittery tutu frock!

Ideas: Make an adorable tutu frock for your toddler’s special day with silver and blue net strips. Combine them together and create a cute fluffy tutu! Pair it with silver shoes, a nice shiny crown (band or wreath style) and a cute blue ribbon choker. Trust us, your princess will be jaw dropping cute!

Totally Tangled!

Princess Rapunzel is known for her long, beautiful hair like none other. If you are invited to a party with Rapunzel theme, don’t think too hard. For this one, we would recommend choosing something ready-made as this princess wore an intricate dress!

Ideas: Whereas the purple Rapunzel ready-made dress will be perfect, you can pair it with a long braided hair extension accessory. For this long braid, hit the toy shops or settle for adult hair extension strands. Knowing the height of your child, clip the fake braid on with her’s and secure it with a big scrunch or hair pins. You can let your cutie pie wear a cute golden crown or maybe nice purple clips and hair bands. Decide on something your child is comfortable wearing for an hour or two.

Frozen Away!

Frozen was an exceptional animated movie for kids and we know how much it is still loved by seeing birthday parties being planned on this theme! Whether you want to gear up your daughter for an Elsa costume or Anna’s, we have the spot on ideas to get you started.

Anna: Anna was known for her adorable freckles, boots and a naughty attitude. For creating the ideal Anna look, go for a dark blue frock with a black bodice. Pair it with a ravishing silk or woolen poncho (cherry maroon) and tie it from the center. Anna’s character wore black boots, so you know what to go for footwear. As for accessories, your little one can wear cute white gloves, ear muffs, a crystal necklace and cute face painted freckles. As for the hairstyle, go for two-sided braids!

Elsa: Elsa was elegant, pretty and mature. She wore two dresses, dark green and ice-cold blue. For this princess, you get two choices immediately. For the dark green dress, you can go for a dark green silk gown with a net floral cape. You can go for a fish braid for the hairstyle and add some earrings and bracelets.

As for the icy blue dress, you can opt for a silk gown with glittery net strips attached to it on the sides. For more intricacy, go for a pearl lace, shimmery silver accessories and a princess crown. For the supreme look, add a shimmery see through cape!

Pocahontas all the way!

Pocahontas was known for her bravery and her native red Indian style. This party theme not only brings out the summery colors but allows the mothers to wear nice small dresses and accessorize them with long lacy heels and feathers.

Alas, for your baby girls, it is always fun to dress them up in exciting costumes, such as the Pocahontas special!

Ideas: For this native American theme, go for a beige/brown suede frock, slightly above the knee, shaped in a triangular fashion at the bottom. Sew a nice blue or dark brown frilly lace on the triangle boundary and add some of the lace on the bodice as well. Pair this dress with a straight hairstyle with feathers pinned in the hair. Make your little one wear a blue head band on the forehead and end the final look by giving her lacey brown sandals. Voila!

Whether it is mirror, mirror on the wall or simply Dora or Sofia the princess, make the most of these cute ideas and let your little one become a true princess for a magical birthday party!

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