How To Avoid Spoiling Your Baby

How To Avoid Spoiling Your Baby

Nowhere is the art of tender loving care more intimate than between a mother and her baby. The mother, out of sheer natural instinct, devotes all her time and energy to caring for her child.

Hours are spent caring for the new arrival. There is an enormous bond of affection inherent in the breastfeeding routine, and a tremendous tie grows up between mother and baby.

In fact, it is one of the most beautiful facets of living, as every mother knows so well. It is compensation for the hours of hard work which the “baby biz” entails.

Especially with first babies, the number of hours a mother may devote to the baby can be enormous. She will feed him, bath him, and play with him for hours. Nothing gives a mother more satisfaction than seeing a happy look of recognition on her baby’s face when she comes to him.

But a note of caution: overdoing the loving routine, and bending to every whim of baby can have repercussions.

Spoiling baby is so simple, so easy, especially when he is the one and only. Baby learns very quickly how to attract attention, how to get what he wants. A mother who gives in to his every whim and whimper is heading for troubled times.

Also, if and when Baby Number Two puts in appearance. Number One must have less time spent on him, and may produce a problem.

Should I Worry About Spoiling My Newborn Baby

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