Medicine Guide For Babies

Medicine guide for baby

As a general rule, it is not wise to administer medicines without prior advice from an expert. Today, there is an enormous range of medicines available.

Many of these are powerful drugs. They have been devised for specific purposes in most cases, and are aimed al producing specific results.

It is quite wrong to push these down the throat of an infant (or child) unless there is a definite reason, and unless a specific diagnosis has been made by someone competent.

Medicines should be given on a “tailor made” basis. After the baby has been examined, the doctor will issue a prescription for medication for that particular disorder.

Often a certain amount is prescribed. The intent is to give the entire course, and the hope is this will correct the anomaly present. If it does not, a reappraisal is needed.

The two most common problems mothers will tend to treat themselves are elevated temperatures and coughs. Often a cool sponge will bring down an elevated temperature. If not, get medical advice.

Aspirin should never be given to babies. It can produce gross irritation of the stomach and bowel. and serious consequences have often been reported. Paracetamol elixir is the drug of choice. The dose (for age) is usually written on the label.

Cough medicines may be given when a nasty cough is present. Many products abound. The pholcodine elixirs are suitable. Doses are usually on the label. For anything else, get medical opinion first.

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