Newborn: Napkins, Nappies, and Diapers

Napkins For Newborn Babies

Over the years, napkins/nappies/diapers have undergone all sorts of changes in regard to the way they are applied. It doesn’t matter how they are placed, so long as they do the job for which they are intended, stay put, and are readily changed without too much fuss and bother.

The napkin/nappy/diaper itself can produce problems for baby and mother. Care with laundering is advisable.

The use of synthetic detergents in recent times has made this less of a hazard than previously, when soaps remaining in the material could aggravate and irritate the skin and predispose to rashes and irritations.

It is worth giving nappies a good sunning, and this method of drying is preferable to artificial drying methods. The sun is the best known-killer of germs yet devised (and it is free). If the washing water is hard, the use of water softeners is advocated.

In recent years a large number of worthwhile nappy liners have appeared. Some of these are aimed at keeping urine from the skin. By allowing fluid to pass “one way only”. It soaks into the nappy, but the skin is kept relatively dry. These liners are excellent.

Other nappy liners, often using wood pulp as a base, are aimed at rapidly soaking up the urine effectively. These are sometimes worn inside the napkin, so protecting the napkin and giving it a longer period of usefulness.

The value of these liners must be offset against their cost, and also the problem of how to dispose of them. But they certainly have a place in the modern home. Disposable napkins have also appeared in recent times.

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