Sun Baths For Babies

Allowing baby to have a good kick around in the sun is a fine idea. Often this is best during early mid-morning.

Sun Baths For Babies

Baby will love the freedom, devoid of constricting diapers and clothing. He will gurgle, toss and turn and wriggle in the most enjoyable fashion.

Sun baths help to harden sensitive skin areas, particularly the buttocks and “perineal” areas (between the legs). This will help baby’s resistance to nappy rash and other skin problems.

Sunshine is the world’s best germ killer. It will help him to stave off impending infections in many cases. It also helps the body produce vitamin D, necessary for bone formation. It is essential to take care,¬†hot sunshine can burn tender skin very easily.

It is important that baby should not be overexposed, specially in the early stages of his sun-kicks. A few minutes each day is all that is needed. This may be gradually increased as he shows tolerance.

An added note of caution: you must protect baby’s eyes from direct sunlight. It is distressing to see mothers pushing strollers with their babies in the full glare of the oncoming sunlight. Eyes are very sensitive: permanent damage is possible.

How to protect your baby from the sun

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