How To Choose Toys For Babies

How To Choose Toys For Babies

What baby doesn’t have a room half filled with toys? It seems incumbent upon every neighbor, relation, friend to ply the new baby (and growing infant) with toys.

It is surprising how often baby (and infant) will spurn all the expensive products for an old tattered doll, a bunny, or bit of rag.

In selecting toys, care is essential. Of special risk are toys with small pieces of plastic that can be removed. Buttons (any type, specially small ones), bits of hard plastic, or anything that is hard and small is potentially dangerous. Very large numbers of children pull these off, and proceed to suck them or poke them into their nostrils and ears.

Inhaling a foreign body can be extremely dangerous. It seldom produces death, but if it lodges in a vital passageway, it necessitates emergency treatment and an operation.

So, beware when next buying toys. If well meaning friends give toys, just check before unleashing them on to the child. Educational toys are the best idea. These can teach the growing infant something, and should be preferred wherever possible.

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