12 Interesting Facts About Baby Care

Interesting Facts About Baby

  1. Never allow baby to use a comforter it may cause deformity of the teeth and jaws.
  2. Give baby frequent drinks of boiled water between his feeds. Remember milk is a food, not a drink.
  3. Do not give a child solid food until he is nine months old, but a little fruit juice occasionally is excellent.
  4. Never kiss baby on the lips or allow friends to do so.
  5. A healthy infant should sleep eighteen or twenty hours out of twenty four.
  6. There are no such things as growing pains.
  7. Do not expect a quiet, good tempered baby if you are constantly shaking and rocking him. Train him to go to sleep naturally and he will.
  8. Do not dangle things in front of his eyes or try to make him laugh.
  9. Do not pick up young babies without supporting the back, nor leave them with their eyes unprotected from strong light.
  10. Allowing a child to walk too early tends to produce “bandy legs”. The tenth month is the usual time to begin, but longer delay on baby’s part is no evidence of disease.
  11. Bathe baby as quickly as possible and never allow his feet or legs to get cold.
  12. If you want advice about baby, don’t consult your friends and neighbors, but a medical man.

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