Baby Feeding

How Does Burping Baby Work

With the vigorous sucking that accompanies feeding, most babies swallow a lot of air. This accumulates in the stomach with food. Unless this is got rid of at the end of the feed, it can produce considerable discomfort for baby. Inadequate burping can produce much winging and crying later in the day. It is customary to “burp” baby […]

Should I Give My Baby Vitamin Supplements

Every artificially fed baby needs extra vitamins to supplement those which have been destroyed in the preparation of the milk, and these vitamins are usually given in the form of cod-liver, orange, tomato and guava juice. While these extra vitamins are essential for the proper development of a bottle-fed baby, they can also with advantage be […]

Effects Of Overfeeding Baby

In recent years, more and more attention is being focused on the fact that many babies are overfed. The experts seem quite adamant that giving baby too much can produce problems which are long-term. Overweight babies produce overweight infants. In turn, overweight children and adolescents develop. Finally, the unhappy, unhealthy overweight adult is produced. The inherent […]

Basic Principles Of Artificial Feeding

Many women make themselves unnecessarily unhappy because they can’t breastfeed or because breastfeeding isn’t feasible if they must return to careers that bring financial benefit to the family. If you can’t breastfeed, or if you have to return to work there is no reason for you to feel guilty or inadequate, then baby may be […]

Benefits Of Breastfeeding For Baby

“Breastfed babies are the best fed babies.” This old-time slogan still holds true. Unfortunately, many mothers believe this is too time-consuming, or can’t be bothered. Mother’s milk is still believed to be the best food for most infants, so put your new baby to the breast as soon as possible after birth. 7 Benefits of […]