How Does Burping Baby Work

With the vigorous sucking that accompanies feeding, most babies swallow a lot of air. This accumulates in the stomach with food.

Unless this is got rid of at the end of the feed, it can produce considerable discomfort for baby. Inadequate burping can produce much winging and crying later in the day.

It is customary to “burp” baby as soon as he has finished his feed. When breast fed, it is worth spending a few minutes after each feed to help him eliminate the wind from his stomach.

How to stop burping baby

The simplest way is to place him against the body so he reclines over the shoulder. His back is then patted gentle, or massaged in a circular manner.

This position allows the air in the stomach to rise to the surface. Usually with a few loud noises, the air regurgitates through the valve that connects the food pipe (esophagus) with the stomach. Baby gives a nice loud burp, and the air escapes. He may give several burps.

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