Effects Of Overfeeding Baby

Effects Of Overfeeding Baby

In recent years, more and more attention is being focused on the fact that many babies are overfed.

The experts seem quite adamant that giving baby too much can produce problems which are long-term. Overweight babies produce overweight infants. In turn, overweight children and adolescents develop.

Finally, the unhappy, unhealthy overweight adult is produced. The inherent dangers of this are only too well known, to say nothing of the aesthetic problems involved.

The British Medical Journal recently stated that “20% of children who were overweight in the second six months of life till obese five years later.” Also, “80% obese school children remain obese in adult life.”

Undiluted cow’s milk contains very high levels of minerals and protein, and it is necessary for fairly large amounts of fluid to be taken to cope with this.

Many mothers prepare artificial feeds in too strong a form, either using tightly packed scoops or adding additional scoops in the belief they are giving baby better nutrition.

In fact, they are producing problems for baby,¬†which may have long-lasting repercussions. It is essential to follow carefully the advised dilutions, and “don’t overdo”.

The too early introduction of solids is also blamed for producing overweight babies. Moderation at all times is a good rule to follow.

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