Should I Give My Baby Vitamin Supplements

Should I Give My Baby Vitamin Supplements

Every artificially fed baby needs extra vitamins to supplement those which have been destroyed in the preparation of the milk, and these vitamins are usually given in the form of cod-liver, orange, tomato and guava juice.

While these extra vitamins are essential for the proper development of a bottle-fed baby, they can also with advantage be given to a breastfed baby.

In 24 hours your baby will need one teaspoonful of cod-liver oil or six drops, measured by a dropper. When baby is one month old start by giving him a very small amount of the oil, and increase the amount every second day until baby is taking his full requirement.

Baby should also begin his orange juice at one month. Start by giving him one teaspoonful of strained orange juice in the same amount of warm boiled water, and increase the amount by half a teaspoonful every fortnight until baby is having six teaspoonful of orange juice daily.

In the case of a bottle-fed baby, as soon as he is three months old you may add to his bottle a quarter teaspoonful daily of marmite or vegemite.

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