How to Treat Baby Dermatitis

Prickly Heat Rash Treatment And Prevention For Babies

Skin rashes and inflammations are common with babies. Many appear for simple reasons, such as in hot weather when the skin is aggravated by moisture or the rubbing of certain fabrics on the skin. (See “Prickly Heat.”)

At other times, there is an actual infection present, such as Staphylococcus infection (See “Impetigo.”) Many cases occur of rashes about the buttock and genital region. This is commonly referred to as “Diaper/Nappy Rash.”

Many times, skin eruptions occur at the same time as some other process is going on, and the two seem related. For example, when baby is teething, rashes often appear. If there are internal infections, rashes can sometimes also occur.

If baby is allergic to something he has eaten or is contacting, hives (a common form of “urticaria”) can set in. (See “Hives“). These conditions often respond well to simple soothing creams and lotions and to anti-histamine mixtures.

When a skin inflammation occurs, often an underlying cause can be found if one seeks it. Teething, an infection, infrequent diaper changing, not letting baby have a good sunning minus his diapers, giving him food which obviously does not agree, are all potential trouble makers. Often the help of the doctor is needed to discover the cause.

Baby often responds well to simple creams and lotions. Zinc cream, alone or in conjunction with small amounts of tar is very soothing and can settle down skin eruptions promptly. Sometimes zinc cream with added castor oil is effective.

People also ask

For most of her short life my six months old baby has been troubled by a severe and recurring diaper rash. Our doctor has tried many ointments and creams. Some have controlled the condition temporarily but none has cured it. Please tell me what causes diaper rash and what is the most successful treatment?

Diaper dermatitis is an extremely irritating skin reaction caused by the release of ammonia from the urine due to fecal bacteria deposits in the diaper.

The rash shows as redness with raised lesions which may become superficially eroded by ammonia burns. There’s usually a strong ammonia smell and there may be secondary bacterial or monilial infection.

To treat the condition, don’t use plastic pants on baby. Change diapers immediately they are wet or soiled. Wash them in mild soap flakes and rinse in a mild antiseptic before drying. Expose the affected area to the air in a warm room or in the sun.

In severe cases or where recurrences are numerous, best therapy seems to be corticosteroid ointments or creams to counteract bacterial or monilial infections.

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