Normal Bowel Movements In Newborns

Bowel Movements

Many mothers develop a “bowel phobia” with their babies. Certainly, normal bowel movements are the ideal. But the range of what is normal can vary considerably.

Some babies have a bowel movement after each feed. Others may not even have one movement a day.┬áNormally, the bowel material is yellow and has the consistency of paste. Variations in the baby’s state of health can vary this appearance.

Bowel movements of artificially fed babies are often more offensive than those of breastfed babies. The addition of sugar to the artificially prepared feeds tends to make actions looser and more frequent.

If the movements are greatly increased in number and become quite fluid in consistency, then baby has “Diarrhea” and may need special attention.

However, this can often be associated with other important symptoms which will be discussed under “Diarrhea” and “Gastric Infections”.

Sometimes if baby has constipation, the bowel movements will be infrequent. They may cause distress when he is passing them, for the hard nature of the material can produce discomfort and maybe pain.

Sometimes the bowel movements may be green, frothy, very offensive or contain abnormal products, such as mucous (a slimy jelly like material), or even blood. These definitely warrant medical attention.

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