What Causes Colic In Babies

The baby with colic is in the one to four months old age group. He tends to cry often and vigorously, as if prompted by recurring bouts of abdominal pain. His general appearance indicates he is making excellent progress physically, and there is usually no underlying organic disease present.

What Causes Colic In Babies

Of course, many babies will cry without being a true “colic syndrome” baby. Lack of attention is a common cause: thirst or faulty clothing in hot weather, a desire to suck, can cause crying bouts in some babies.

Other causes can be faults with feeding.

Baby’s diet may be inadequate. There may be too little, or the consistency may be nutritionally inadequate. He may be ready for solids, but these have not been included in his diet. Sticking slavishly to a feeding schedule can also produce problems.

Faults in feeding technique can be a potent producer of colic. Perhaps posture is incorrect. Baby may be getting a flood of milk and the flow is such that he cannot cope.

He may be getting inadequate amounts either from breast or bottle. The teat maybe at fault, allowing too rapid or too small a flow.

Air swallowed during feeding is a common cause of colic. Air vies with milk for space in the stomach. It may produce a feeling of satiety, when in fact the baby has not really had enough to eat. He will become hungry much sooner than normal, and will give vent to his discomfort and unhappiness.

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