How to Treat Viral Gastroenteritis in Babies

Gastroenteritis In Babies Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

What causes gastroenteritis? Gastroenteritis is a disturbance in the stomach and intestines,(gastro meaning stomach and enteritis meaning inflammation of the intestine). It is often caused by viruses, although bacteria can also be responsible. The infection may range anywhere from mild to severe. Signs and symptoms of gastroenteritis Babies can have diarrhea at any time. If baby…
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Infections In Babies After Birth

Infections In Babies After Birth

Babies are “‘sitting shots” for infections. During the first year of their life, they have a good deal of naturally inherited resistance to many common diseases.

This comes from the mother. Antibodies circulate in the baby’s system, but these do not last forever. There is evidence that breast-fed babies seem to maintain this protection for longer periods than artificially fed babies.

However, sooner or later, baby will contract some sort of infection. Many mothers with families have acquired a degree of skill and dexterity in picking the common illnesses of childhood.

They will know the serious ones from those not so serious. They will be able to decide what needs the doctor, and the ones that nature will heal with a little help.

The “first time” mother is the one with the most difficulties. She has no yardstick for comparison. Therefore she will tend to call the doctor more often than may seem necessary.

It is far better to get an expert opinion than run any risk. If in doubt, call for a doctor’s advice. He can often sum up the situation on the phone, and a simple phone call can often give an answer and relieve a mother’s mind.

In this modern age, help is usually no further away than your phone. It is worth remembering.