Respiratory Problems In Infants And Toddlers

This huge group of problems affects most babies sooner or later.

Respiratory Problems in Babies

It is very easy for baby to pick up an infection. This can range from a simple “snuffly nose”, to a cold, to a throat tonsil infection, to bronchitis.

Basically, they are progressions of the same disorder.

Causes, symptoms, and treatment of cough in babies

Germs can be introduced into baby’s airway system readily, specially in winter months. The germs are attached to microscopic droplets which are airborne. When inhaled, they tend to set up a focus of infection which may rapidly extend.

The symptoms will vary depending on the site affected. An elevated temperature is usual. Babies will run a fever at the slightest pretext. (Conversely, they will recover just as rapidly in many cases.) Coughing is a common symptom. Pain in any of the affected parts may occur.

Baby may indicate this in various ways, for example, pulling an ear if it is sore and inflamed, holding the head and crying if this is painful.

Simple measures can often assist in simple infections and inflammations. Paracetamol elixir is good for bringing down elevated temperatures. Doses are usually marked on the bottle and relate to age. Avoid aspirin preparations for children, for these are notorious for producing gastric upsets.

Cough syrup elixirs can often assist in relieving coughs. It is safe and effective. (Consult bottle label for dose.) But many other products are commercially available, and many are suitable.

Any fever or severe cough persisting for longer than a day should have proper medical attention.

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