Tongue Tie Symptoms And Treatment In Newborns

All sorts of symptoms are blamed on to innocuous “tongue tie“. This very seldom produces problems, but if it does, the solution is simple.

Tongue Tie Symptoms And Treatment In Newborns

Sometimes the “frenum“, the thin membrane that runs along the midline of the tongue on the underside, may be short and thick.

It may extend almost to the tip of the tongue. This may give difficulty when baby is sucking, and occasionally can interfere with normal feeding.

As he becomes older, it may produce difficulties in forming words when he is learning to speak. Sometimes it may prevent the normal movement of the tongue.

This may be important in preventing his tongue from the customary movement, which permits the tongue to cleanse the inner side of the teeth.

As he becomes older, the frenum usually lengthens, and the problem is frequently a self-solving one.

If symptoms are present, and difficulties are being encountered, it is a simple job for the doctor to cut the frenum gently, so permitting greater activity and freedom of the tongue.

Care is needed to do this. Large vessels are present in the frenum further back. It is essential these be avoided, or bleeding may take place.

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