Baja Baby Unscented Shampoo and Body Wash Review

Baja Baby Unscented Shampoo and Body Wash Review

Organic Natural Baby Wash

Baby’s bath is a very special part of each day and Baja Baby Unscented Shampoo and Body Wash is a very special bath solution.

It protects the natural mild acid balance of baby’s tender skin. That’s why we call it “the balanced bath”.

It’s a unique bath solution, specifically designed for the delicate care of baby’s skin. It’s the best bath a baby can have.

Baja Shampoo is better than Baby Soap

  1. Baja Shampoo won’t dry young skin because unlike baby soap, and it matches the skin’s natural acidity.
  2. Baja Shampoo doesn’t make baby slippery and hard to handle, so as baby grows and becomes more active in the bath, there’s less danger of slipping.
  3. Baja Shampoo gently cleans without irritating baby’s eyes. There’s no need for soap because it does it all.
  4. Baby soap is alkaline, whereas Baja Shampoo does not significantly disturb the pH level of infant skin.

While baby’s skin has some defence against the invasion of germs, Baja Shampoo is specially formulated to support this natural defence. It removes germs without significantly altering the healthy composition of normal skin flora.

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