How to Treat Hives on Baby

Hives In Baby

Urticaria is the name given to an irritating red raised itchy skin condition which is often allergic in nature. A common form is hives. These red raised patches may be excessively itchy.

Larger areas, or indeed extensive sheets of skin, may be involved. The margins are red, the whole region is prominently raised, and the central parts are white.

Urticaria is produced by the liberation of a chemical called “histamine” from cells of the body. These have been damaged by a foreign substance to which the body is sensitive. So a “histamine reaction” takes place.

If the sensitizing agent has only temporarily contacted the body, the reaction is short-lived. It tends to vanish in due course with or without treatment. However, if the contact remains, the rash may become long-standing or chronic.

An effort is usually made by the doctor to try and find out what is producing the allergy reaction. Sometimes it may be a new sort of food to which baby is sensitive.Eggs, chocolate, sea foods, and wheat are common offenders; or it could be an aerosol spray.

Sometimes medication is the cause, and penicillin is a fairly common trouble-maker in this field. However, many other lines of medication have also been blamed in individual cases. This is a personal matter, and is usually specific for the individual.

Simple cases respond well to “antihistamine” medication. This comes in elixir form (on a doctor’s prescription usually). Also, an anti-itch cream may be applied to the area.

People also ask

1. My baby gets massive hives, which I’m sure cause her untold irritation. What can cause hives on babies?

Your little one is allergic to something. It could be the food she is eating, the clothes she’s wearing, or maybe the soap or cleaning material you wash with.

All must be carefully checked out. Omitting one item at a time to see if there is any improvement is a simple way to find the culprit. It takes time and careful record must be kept, but the result is often very rewarding. If all fails, you must see the doctor for more specialized investigation.

2. What is an effective cure for hives? My small child develops these commonly.

Many little ones are sensitive to something. Maybe it is a food, clothing, the washing soap you use. Fortunately, many seem to overcome this as time passes.

Meantime, simple soothing creams help. Sometimes, if persistent, the doctor will prescribe an antihistamine (anti-allergy) mixture.

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