How to Prevent Nappy Rash in Babies

Baby’s skin is very tender and sensitive. For this reason it is wise to avoid anything that will produce irritation.

Nappy Rash In Babies

Nappies/Diapers are essential, but they may produce problems. They prevent adequate aeration of the buttocks and areas between the legs.

These parts can become overheated, perspire excessively, rub become chafed, and in due course, the skin complaint commonly called nappy rash (diaper rash) appears.

This is usually a reddening of the skin areas under the nappies, it can proceed to a fiery red rash; pimples and blisters may form; infection may get into these, and produce raw areas which may be irritating and painful.

Wet nappies left in position can rapidly aggravate the problem, or they can initiate it. Urine decomposes rapidly, producing ammonia which is a very harsh irritant. Bowel movements left can also irritate the tender baby skin and aggravate irritation.

Care in changing nappies as soon as possible after they are wet or soiled will greatly assist in preventing the onset of trouble.

Letting baby have a good kick about with no nap on at all is an excellent idea. Left in the early morning sunshine for a while, he will respond well to his new-found freedom. (Be careful not to overdo the sunning, or let the hot sun burn him.)

Cleansing any rash with cotton wool and liquid paraffin is very soothing. Then apply zinc cream (best with a little tar in it there are many commercial products available). Rub in gently.

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