Baby Care Tips

Care for Baby's Eyes

Every mother should do all in her power to safeguard her baby’s eyes. In this she follows nature’s lead, for nature has given the eyes special protection by placing them in bony cavities (the orbits) which are lined with fat. The eyelids, eyebrows, and eyelashes all function to protect these delicate organs, which give us […]

8 Tips To Prevent Car Sickness In Babies

The delight of setting off on a holiday can quickly turn to despair if the children become car sick. However, that there are ways to safeguard against this happening.   The Baby Care Blog offers following advice to parents to avoid car sickness: Smooth driving and restricting unnecessary acceleration and braking can help prevent children becoming […]

Stages Of Baby Speech Development

1. whether there are any particular foods which mother should not eat when breastfeeding her baby The answer is that an excess of any one food should be avoided. 2. Baby is breastfed and is having a complement. When solid food is started, should the complement be omitted? No. The solid food is extra. If the child […]

How To Make Baby Enjoy Bath Time

It is not unusual for some babies to get upset and throw tantrums during bath time. If your baby is otherwise feeding and sleeping well, do not get too worried. There are certain things that you can do to try to make bath time an enjoyable experience for you and your baby. First, relax and […]

Invaluable Guava Juice For Babies

A certified medicinal juice containing a high content of vitamin C would be an assiduous convenience; a time, mistake, trouble saving convenience. Continuity of supply of a scientifically sterilized, standardized content of vitamin C would be the answer to the prayer of every child welfare nurse. As will be shown, guava juice can be bottled and made […]