10 Tips To Prevent Car Sickness In Babies

The delight of setting off on a holiday can quickly turn to despair if the children become car sick. However, that there are ways to safeguard against this happening.

8 Tips To Prevent Car Sickness In Babies


The Baby Care Blog offers following advice to parents to avoid car sickness:

  1. Smooth driving and restricting unnecessary acceleration and braking can help prevent children becoming car sick. A light foot on the accelerator can reduce passengers head movement, particularly when cornering.
  2. Children should be kept occupied during a long trip by things happening outside the car and by not letting them read.
  3. Ensure children get a good night’s sleep before the journey and have only a light breakfast or meal before the trip.
  4. Make sure children are comfortable and are not restricted by tight clothing and that they have a reasonable flow of fresh air.
  5. Seat belts and child restraints should be used and adjusted firmly but not tightly. If a child is too small to see out of the windows, use an approved booster cushion.
  6. Do not have swinging or dangling objects inside the car. And you can pick the right car seat toys for your baby.
  7. Always have damp towels and cool drinks available, preferably non carbonated drinks such as orange juice, and provide a light sandwich lunch.
  8. Both driver and passengers can benefit from frequent stops.
  9. If a passenger shows signs of car sickness, such as yawning, coldness, perspiring or turning pale, stop the car, give him some water, walk him around and let him sit in the front seat when the trip resumes.
  10. If, despite all these precautions, children are continually car sick consult a doctor or chemist.

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