Prune Juice For Infants

Prune Juice For Infants

The idea that prunes (and prune juice) are the “ideal laxative” has been around for many decades. Indeed, prunes do have a beneficial effect on the bowel of the baby and infant.

Prunes have the advantage of being mild, natural food, readily available, easily prepared, and usually effective. Plums which are in the same family, are sometimes used with equally beneficial effect.

When baby’s bowel movements are hard and dry (irrespective of how frequent they are), he may benefit from the use of prunes.

A common “dose” of prune juice is 15 ml (one half ounce) a day. This will frequently be quite sufficient to produce a nice easy soft bowel movement each day.

For older infants, pureed (sieved) stewed prunes can be used instead of, or in conjunction with juice. The amount needed will vary from infant to infant, and the mother will soon discover from simple experimentation the amount producing the ideal results.

If attention is given to increasing simultaneously baby’s daily fluid intake, an even better result will often occur. Adequate water is essential for normal “regularity”, a fact overlooked by many mothers. This is specially true in hot weather.

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