Invaluable Guava Juice For Babies

A certified medicinal juice containing a high content of vitamin C would be an assiduous convenience; a time, mistake, trouble saving convenience. Continuity of supply of a scientifically sterilized, standardized content of vitamin C would be the answer to the prayer of every child welfare nurse.

Invaluable Guava Juice For Babies

As will be shown, guava juice can be bottled and made available to hospitals, clinics, child welfare and baby health centers, and to the staff of parochial undertakings having the care of orphans and other unfortunates.

Is guava juice good for babies?

The following quote is a transcript from Bulletin 77 of an experiment carried out at the Honolulu Experiment Station, under the supervision of the University of Hawaii:

“Guava juice bottled has been used successfully for artificially fed infants for a period of six months. The experiment was carried out with the aid of the physicians and nurses at two of the baby health conferences in Honolulu, who cooperated with a University student in home economics

Ten babies from four to six weeks of age were first fed daily half a spoon of guava juice diluted with an equal quantity of water. The guava juice ration was increased to one teaspoon the second week of feeding.

Then it was gradually increased until, at the age of two months, each baby received one tablespoon (three teaspoons) or guava juice diluted with an equal quantity of water.

From then on it was gradually increased until the fifth or sixth month, when each baby was fed two tablespoons of guava juice every day. All the babies thrived and were in fine condition at the end of the six months  period.”

Nutritional value of guava juice

Nothing could be more simply arranged and splendidly done for all concerned. This watery extract of sterilized, bottled guava juice contains a standardized content of 1500 vitamin c units per each 3 ounces of the fluid.

In Hawaii it is bottled specially as a medicinal juice. Guava juice is marketed in the United States as the dominant juice in a blend of tropical fruit juices.

The guava contains an undisclosed sedative which is a nerve tonic. In Honolulu the guava blend is a favorite bed-time night-cap for tired folk with frayed nerves.

The guava and its processed juices, etc., are preventives of scurvy, tooth decay, and over acidity in the bloodstream. The general unhealthy condition for large numbers of people is largely due to a dominance of acidity in the blood stream, whereas it should be the other way round, a credit balance on the side of alkalinity.

The guava contains over 200 international units (IU) of vitamin A, 35 IU of vitamin B,  5000 IU of vitamin C, 0.00146 percent of iron, 0.022 percent of phosphorus, and 0.010 percent of calcium.

The vitamin C units are per each 3 ounces of edible flesh. Guava jelly and a watery extract of the juice, contains 1500 IU of vitamin C per each 3 fluid ounces.

To pep them up when Allied soldiers were blasting the Germans out of North Africa, they were fed a daily dose of guava juice concentrate.

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