10 Common Questions About Taking Care Of A Baby

1. whether there are any particular foods which mother should not eat when breastfeeding her baby

The answer is that an excess of any one food should be avoided.

2. Baby is breastfed and is having a complement. When solid food is started, should the complement be omitted?

No. The solid food is extra. If the child were fully breastfed or completely bottle fed, his complement would not be reduced because of his having solids.

3. If a baby of five months sleeps from the 6 p.m. feed at night until 6 a.m. the next morning, is it necessary to wake him for the 10 p.m. feed?

Yes. If the night feed is omitted, there are very few mothers who have so much milk that the child is satisfied, his weight increases and he is well and contented.

Normally a child, either breast or artificially fed should have five feeds in the 24 hours until eight or nine months of age, or until the weaning period for the breast fed baby is reached.

4. During the summer is it necessary to remove the chill from iced food and boiled water for baby?

Yes. The child may be a few degrees hotter in summer, and very cold food or water may cause him to be sick.

5. Should a child over one year of age be given emulsion?

Yes, one teaspoon after meals.

6. Should ice cream be given to a one-year-old child?

No. Ice cream may be given as a sweet for dinner to a child from two years of age.

7. Is it necessary to boil the teats for baby’s bottle after every feed?

No. Teats should not be boiled. After each time of use, they should be washed under a running tap of cold water, and a little common salt rubbed inside and out to remove any particles of milk which may adhere to them.

They should then be dipped into boiling water, then covered until needed again. A suitable way to cover them is to place them on a scalded saucer with a scalded cup turned upside down over them.

8. Should baby be held out at night if he does not wake up?

Yes. The child will be more comfortable and sleep better. From 6 pm until 6 am is too long for a child to go without passing urine. Holding him out will prevent him from becoming so uncomfortable and restless if he wets again later in the night.

Mother should not put on the light or talk to the child. It should not be made an event. The child soon responds and forms a good habit.

9. Should teething powders be given to baby?

Not unless prescribed by doctor.

10. Should a child’s hair be cut when one year old?

It may need to be trimmed, but unless there is a special reason, it is not necessary to have it cut.

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