How Does Smoking Affect Mother And Baby

Smoking Affect Mother And Baby

Most mothers-to-be should be well aware of the potential hazards of smoking during pregnancy. The medical magazines have been documenting the possible adverse results for many years.

Any pregnant woman is advised to stop smoking completely. If this is not possible, a drastic reduction is recommended. This is both for her own welfare, and that of her baby.

Smoking mothers miscarry far more often. They have more “stillbirths”, and babies that perish soon after birth. Their babies are often lighter than would be normally expected, which means they are destined for greater risks in the early months.

Premature births are more frequent also, with the attendant risks. It has now been fairly well documented that babies born to smoking mothers tend to perform poorly at school.

Even more recent evidence incriminates smoking as a potential hazard to the new baby. If baby is subject to frequent smoke exposure (for example, his mother smoking in the house) the chances of contracting respiratory and other illnesses escalates considerably.

In fact, baby becomes a “passive smoker”, and has some of the same inherent problems as the person who is directly smoking.

Therefore, mothers can save themselves a lot of hard work (for having a sick baby involves work plus worry) by keeping their smoking to an absolute minimum.

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