5 Simple Rules In Child Care

safety rules in child care

It is amazing to discover the number of simple rules a mother or nurse will break in the rearing of a young child.

1. An abundance of sleep is absolutely necessary to the proper development of a child in his early stages. This being so, there is scarcely an entire hour when a babe is really wide awake. This sleepiness, being natural, should be encouraged, not hindered. Yet, how many mothers keep the baby awake in the day time so that he may be sure to sleep well at night.

2. Also, it should never be forgotten that sleep does not withdraw the child from subjugation to any of the laws which govern life and health during the waking hours. Awake or asleep the feeling, breathing and digestive processes are always active, and it is necessary that they be allowed to work unhindered.

3. For instance, while the child asleep it is imperative that he should have plenty of pure fresh air; his muscles must be unhampered; and his closed eyes must be protected from any sudden glare of light.

4. Never pat a child hard, you may injure him physically, as you may do also if you toss or rock him violently. Startling noises by way of amusement are bad, since they are apt to shock the nervous system. Avoid ‘dummies” and start early to teach the baby not to suck his thumb.

5. Keep him always in a calm atmosphere, plentifully supplied with fresh air; give him suitable food and sufficient warmth. Thus will you start him on the way to perfect health and nature will do the rest.

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