Teething Biscuits For Babies

Teething Biscuits For Babies

These have been around for a long time, and many mothers still find them useful. They are very hard compressed biscuits, and baby loves biting and chewing on them when he is teething.

Of course they make a mess; baby gets partially dissolved rusk all over his lips, face, hands, bed-clothes and his own clothing. But he is invariably happy and contented when munching and sucking away.

Many believe that rusks are more hygienic than teething rings, or letting baby suck other toys and hard objects, which he will inevitably want to do when his teeth are starting to pop through.

A single rusk can last baby for many hours. This is fine, and mothers are given a chance to have some time for themselves.

There is a risk that pieces of rusk can break off, and there is a possibility, admittedly not high, of this becoming suddenly inhaled into baby’s wind pipe.

But it is worth keeping in mind. If baby is in the other room, chewing his rusk, pop in from time to time to check he is all right. However, the risk of any sudden disaster occurring is very small.

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