5 Simple Rules For Baby Care In Winter Season

5 Simple Rules For Baby Care In Winter Season

The winter months require different adjustments in regard to diet, clothing, and exercise.

1. Heat is lost from the body much more quickly in babies and small children than in adults, so unless proper adjustments are made there is more danger of their becoming chilled and their resistance lowered to disease germs.

2. The time for the daily sun bath must be altered to late morning or early afternoon to suit the changed conditions. So that baby can get free kicking exercise he should be put into cozy knitted pull-ons enclosing the feet and reaching to the waist.

3. Toe-to-neck garments should be avoided, as they usually shrink and prevent free movement of the limbs.

4. Warm baths are best given at night just before bedtime, but the quick daily morning tepid bath, cool sponge or shower should be given, followed by brisk rubbing of the skin.

5. Cot clothes must be adapted to suit the cooler weather, and if a baby crawls out of his bedclothes a warm flannel sleeping bag is a very useful article. Although clothing must be warm and suitable for cold weather it should not be too heavy.

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