When To Introduce Solid Foods To Breastfed Babies

At present there is a major controversy being waged by the experts as to the best time to introduce solid foods into baby’s diet.

When To Introduce Solid Foods For Babies

Some claim that milk provides the essential ingredients for adequate nutrition for the first three months. Others cling to the older ideas that solids may be introduced in a fairly liquid form during the first month after birth.

The current view is to be cautious. There is no need to be over-zealous in poking a mass of solids down baby’s throat right from the start.

However, little by little, they can be introduced. It is a good idea to vary the nature of solids given. Precooked baby cereals are often a simple and convenient way to begin.

But egg (possibly in the form of custard to start with, then separately in the three- to five-month period), stewed fruit and mashed vegetables are also suitable. Meat and fish are usually the last food items to be introduced.

There has been much made in recent times of “educational feeding”. This idea is to acquaint baby with some of the huge range of varying tastes that he will come into contact with as he gets older.

This can conveniently be started in the three- to six-month period.

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